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Multi-Layered Protection

The security threat landscape is a complex and fast evolving one. We work with large organizations on a multi-layered strategy - from mitigation through to threat intelligence systems.

As a technology-driven company, we have provided the tools you need to build a rounded mitigation strategy. And because they are all built from the same code base, they integrate seamlessly, allowing you to formulate a comprehensive strategy without leaving unnecessary gaps on your armour.

At the core of our approach is the award-wining anti-malware technology and endpoint firewall. Together these block known threats, the 70%. With more advanced tools such as behavioral analysis, heuristics, application control with dynamic whitelisting and web control our products protect against unknown threats. And for the advanced threats, we add another layer of protection to help, using advanced tools.

Although a thorough approach to mitigation is vital, your counter-APT strategy should also include measures that ensure you can detect a 'live' attack - without causing any time-consuming false alarms. In addition, your strategy should include technologies that can rapidly block an attack and minimize the damage that's being caused to your business.

Our recommended approach includes end-point detection, network-level detection, intelligent sandboxing and a comprehensive database.

Recently, network-level detection has captured the imagination of several IT vendors - and many vendors have introduced dedicated appliances for network detection. However, we believe an alternative solution - one that combines real time monitoring of network traffic with object sandboxing and endpoint behavior analysis, and delivers detailed insights into precisely what's happening right across a business's IT infrastructure. This adaptive security approach protects businesses against the most sophisticated threats, targeted attacks, new malware - including ransomware and crimeware - and of course APTs.

Contact us for more information on protecting your network.

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