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Carerra Holdings is able to procure hardware and software for our customer taking the guess and leg work out of the task. Our experienced engineers are able to match the right solutions to meet your specific needs.

Due to our accumulated experience and numerous vendor relationships, we are able to guide our clients through the plethora of solutions which need to be navigated in order to make the correct decisions for individual needs.

Data Centers

Has the evolution of technology changed your data center requirements? Have your mainframe, UPS or cooling system requirements changed since the advent of Blade Server Technology, Power Over Ethernet and other devices that generate massive BTUs (heat) in a small footprint or a single cabinet?

From just a few cabinets to complete rooms, Carerra Holdings starts are the core of your data center. We measure the load on your present UPS and the heat dissipation within your existing cabinets to understand the current situation. From there, we calculate the uptime of your UPS and at what stage the heat may cause failure to your valuable electronic devices.

Racks & Cabinets

Carerra Holdings provides cabinet, rack and cable management solutions for data centers, communication equipment rooms and applications within the cabling enterprise.

Our product offerings address organizational space and cable challenges as well as power and cooling requirements, thereby providing numerous benefits in the following areas:

  • Energy consumption

  • Optimisation of air flow

  • Enhanced network reliability

  • Optimal space utilization

  • Managed Access Control and Monitoring

  • Integrated physical infrastructure solutions, server, storage and network devices

  • Superior performance, reliability and scalability


Carerra Holdings works with a variety of manufacturing and distribution leaders to develop innovative features that protect an organisation’s network infrastructure investment, reduce costs and enhance network reliability.

Structured Cabling

The foundation of every high-performance network is built on a sold network infrastructure. Cabling is a key component of that infrastructure. However, cabling is often dismissed in the early stages of network planning because it is a visible component once the infrastructure is complete. In fact, industry statistics claim that over half of all network outages are caused at the physical layer, potentially due to sub-standard or improper cabling.

At Carerra Holdings we understand that great networks start with great foundations so we provide industry-leading structured cabling systems and solutions. We are global leaders in the marketplace and we ensure your network uptime is not compromised by a faulty installation or the use of improper products for your application. Our solutions engineers, sales specialists and delivery specialists will work with you to assess your infrastructure requirements and provide cost-effective solutions that will not only meet even the most application-rich environment but will also adapt to your business as you demand more from your network.

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